I love perfume as much as the next girl, but I also quickly get bored of using the same perfume. The Secret Scent Box is a very handy monthly fragrance subscription box which conveniently delivers three new designer fragrances right to my door! This month's perfumes are from popular designers, including Marc Jacobs, Burberry and Givenchy - and are all current or new fragrances in today's market. 

The perfumes come in 3ml sample sizes and last the whole month when alternated. This makes it easy to mix it up and try a different perfume each day, depending on how I feel! The individual perfume sizes are so handy as you can have one in your handbag for when you're on the go. I also conveniently leave one in the car, which is super discreet when you don't want a fancy perfume bottle on display!

The whole idea of the subscription box is brilliant. I love trying out new beauty products, but perfume isn't something I would necessary consider because (I literally have a list of reasons):

  • It's so expensive to do so - whether it's EDP or EDT they're all pricey - we can't buy them all, as much as we'd love to!
  • It's time consuming when deciding - something we don't always have much off.
  • My dressing table only has space for a few specially selected bottles
  • Not every beauty counter offers mini samples, so it's hard to be sure about a certain scent if I can't test it out for a few days!
  • Also, for me, I feel purchasing a perfume is a big commitment as you're stuck with that bottle and scent for several months. 

So for me, I think The Secret Scent Box offers the best deal - introducing me to new fragrances - right through my letterbox!

In the small box, the perfumes are neatly presented, along with a mini description of each perfume outlining the infused smells. I think The Secret Scent Box would make the perfect gift for her (your sister, mum, friend etc) or him, as they do men specific secret scent boxes too! 

The Secret Scent Box monthly subscription is £15 a month, with free UK delivery.

Use discount code 'HARJO15' at checkout to receive 15% off your first order.

This post was written in collaboration with The Secret Scent Box.

Backdrop provided by Kirath Ghundoo.