As I was recently in London visiting Clerkenwell Design Week with my sister, it was only right our time in London was spent in style. I was super happy to be wining and dining at the uber quirky cocktail lounge, Sketch. A hang out so cool, it deserves its own blog post. 

Located in Mayfair's Conduit Street, from the outside, Sketch appears a typical Mayfair townhouse. However don't be fooled, because once inside, you truly see how much effort has gone into creating such an amazing dining space. Fortunately, I visited during Mayfair Flower Show which meant the entire entrance and The Glade restaurant area were decked out with the fresh aroma of beautiful flowers, which looked absolutely stunning! The staff meet and greet you at the entrance and take you to your chosen restaurant room and respective table (which we had booked 2 weeks in advance).

We ate in the Gallery restaurant which was pastel pink heaven. Simply visualise pastel pink, opulent gold and luxury parquet flooring - and you have Sketch. The furniture, in the form of soft pastel pink chairs, were very cool. I enjoy eating at places where thought and effort has gone into the interiors, which just adds to that extra special overall dining experience. I will let the photos speak for themselves. The only criticism being I felt the layout was a little cramped in the Gallery. The tables themselves were fairly small(ish), and there were lots of them, all placed fairly close to one another. However, it isn't too much of an issue, as there was still an element of privacy.

The art on the wall is courtesy of illustrator David Shrigley. With some really quirky pieces, it makes for interesting viewing/topic of conversation over a cocktail whilst waiting for dinner. His work also features on the tableware - salt, pepper, plates, mugs etc - where else would do this?! 

The menu is quite gourmet - ranging from apricot infused risotto to a quirky twist on the traditional fish & chips. The food was good and the service was standard, with waiters being fairly attentive. Pricing on the menu was pretty standard 'Mayfair/London' price. I think you not only pay for gourmet type food, but also for the overall Sketch dining experience . The main bar in the Gallery is awesome. It's a large bar, surrounded by gold interiors and stocked with high end bottles. 

The toilets are quite an experience - which I had to mention in this post! In any other restaurant, I would expect to enter the 'ladies' and find a very bog-standard, typical set up (no pun intended). However, this is Sketch we're talking about! So after reaching the top of the glossy white stairs, there are many individual pods, surrounded by more of the Mayfair Flower Show.  The toilets are essentially located within each pod, along with the sound of singing birds. The ceiling of the toilets is similar to what can only be described as a Rubik's Cube!

I feel Sketch is ironically known for its fantastic interiors, as oppose to the actual food itself - seen as it is a restaurant first and foremost. It's definitely a restaurant to experience when in London, which is very design orientated and an overall pretty visual.

All statements and recommendations are purely my own opinion. I have not been paid to feature or advertise any product, brand or service in this post.