Now for those of you who follow my blog, you will know I am a huge fan of all things NARS. I recently purchased the NARS limited edition Future Roman Holiday set which includes a lipstick, blush and nail polish (heaven x3). 

I absolutely love the Roman Holiday lip colour already (a firm favourite) - so when I saw this limited edition online set, I had to have it - especially for the very reasonable price of £30!!! With the season changing and the long Summer days fast approaching, it is the perfect time to swap those darker, Autumnal colours for soft pastel, playful pinks. I love the NARS packaging of this set - in particular the keepsake box. I like to think that every NARS product is created from the heart, as they get it right every time with every product! It's fair to say I'm well and truly a #NARSissist!


As mentioned above, I already adore this lip colour. To sum it up in three words: moisturising, subtle pop of colour and Summer - I know that's technically more than 3 words, but who cares. It's my 'go to' lipstick if I pop to the gym and need a little 'something' to brighten up my face! It's super moisturising, which makes it feel like I'm not even wearing lipstick. The Roman Holiday lipstick can always be found floating around in my handbag, as it's the perfect everyday lipstick that I can't live without!


This blush is half the size of the usual NARS blush. However, like all NARS products, a little product goes along way. The blush is super pigmented and goes on to the skin like a dream. It is very easy to blend and the colour is very much a soft pastel, with the ability to build the intensity of the colour as required - which I love, meaning the blush can be doubled up for both a day and night look.


I love nail polishes all year round! I am hardly ever without painted nails and I'm not even exaggerating! As it's now Spring/Summer, it's naturally time to change up the nail palette and whip out some fresh and bright colours - including the NARS Roman Holiday Nail Polish of course! I am SO happy NARS have launched Roman Holiday as a nail polish colour (even if it is only a limited edition). It is a soft pastel pink and looks stunning on all skin tones. To me, it is very much a holiday colour or 'Summer is here' type of colour. It's subtly eye grabbing and will definitely be one of my favourite colours for this Summer!

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