***SOPPY BLOG POST ALERT*** (In the words of Beyonce - I ain't sorry!)

Two weeks ago I got my first ever puppy, (Princess) Niña (I know, it's only taken me literally 25 years...).She's a Pekingese/Tibetan Spaniel mix and the most cutest little ball of fur there is! In only two weeks, I've seen her personality and lovable little character develop so much! She's so awesome that she deserved her very own blog post - because that's the princess she is! She's lots of fun to be around, providing hours of entertainment with every little thing she does - from simply falling asleep in my arms to hyper-actively playing with her hundreds of toys. However, all fun aside, she is also hard work. On the flip side of being a lovable little puppy, the reality involves interrupted sleep, house training, setting routine, disciplining them, thinking twice about your usual routine and keeping a constant eye on them.  As well as all this, it's also important to do your own research beforehand, such as reading up about the breed, training and what to buy beforehand. It's also handy to read up about the different puppy stages to learn more about their development as they grow.

The last two weeks have been pretty tiring, but she is 100% worth it (and she totally knows it!). I look forward to watching her grow up and seeing her personality develop into a mischievous little diva (I know she will be!). Look out for her featured in many future blog posts, no doubt!