It's no secret I absolutely love a good subscription box - just the whole concept of not knowing what you're going to receive in the post excites me (yes, perhaps I need to get out more!). Also, I always find that a beauty subscription box introduces me to new brands. Anyway, I was kindly sent May 2017's MeeBox nail subscription box, which I was super intrigued by because I love all things nail related. In a nutshell, MeeBox is a monthly subscription box consisting of surprise nail products, including 3x full sized nail polishes and nail art tools and/or treatments etc...

May 2017's MeeBox theme was Lost City, consisting of the following nail colours and products:


Unfortunately, this colour and polish isn't all it's cracked up to be! On my skin tone, it looks pretty washed out and I feel there isn't much colour to it! It's way too glittery for my liking and when removing it, the glitter tends to linger. I do like how it changes colour (kind of lighter inside and darker outside in the natural light), however it if was more pigmented I may have liked it even more. I chose not to include the pictures of this colour on my nails, as it didn't look very nice and I didn't want to ruin the pretty visuals!


I really like this colour! It can be described as an off white/really light pastel pink. I was unsure how it would look against my skin tone, but I really love it! I applied two coats of this and added some pretty decals for some Lost City pattern. I love this colour equally worn alone and I think it's perfect for Summer.


This colour is a dream! The quality and pigment of the polish is amazing. It goes on effortlessly and the colour is poppin'! It's a lovely, unusual turquoise colour I didn't actually have in my nail collection, until now! Again, I think it's definitely an essential Summer colour. I also added some quirky decal detailing, which really stand out against the turquoise. 


I love nail art, but I never have the time or patience to do it. These House of Wonderland decals are surprisingly easy to use and I love the Lost City Aztec vibe designs. I took extra time to apply these properly and I love the end results. They can literally be applied with any nail polish as they are a generic black. I always think nail art looks really cool yet so time consuming, however these decals have proven it's pretty easy to achieve what seems a complicated look. Literally cut the chosen decal and soak in water for 30 seconds, peel off and apply to the nail - as easy as that! 


I'm not going to lie, I was really excited to try these nail polish remover wipes as they're something different. They are produced using natural products which I like. Unfortunately I was left a little disappointed. It took ages to remove the polish from my nails (I used two wipes) and it left my hands super oily. I would say they're not ideal if you're in a rush. On the other hand, they are convenient if you're travelling and don't want the inconvenience of carrying a bottle of nail polish remover and cotton pads with you. They're not a product I would purchase otherwise, but I'm glad I have tested them out.


This is just a little something extra which is included in each monthly MeeBox. I think it's a handy extra, allowing you to test the nails colours out and see them against your skin to see which colour you prefer.

Finally, I just want to take a moment to talk about the MeeBox packaging. Inside the main box, all the full sized products (yes full sized, I thought they would be mini samples!) are packaged in a gorgeous speckled, multicoloured gift wrap, which is so pretty! An information card is also provided, which lists the products received, their individual RRP and also gives a little background into the box's chosen theme and the overall box's RRP (May's MeeBox content has an RRP of £41) - pretty good going for a £20 monthly subscription. 

Marble backdrops provided by KG Wallpaper & Surface Design Studio.

All statements and recommendations are purely my own opinion. I have not been paid to feature or advertise any product, brand or service in this post.