Yes - this post officially means it's Christmas time (at least in the blog world!). I'm feeling super festive this year, having completed all my Christmas shopping with lots of time to spare. With Christmas Day fast approaching, it's only right I published a short post related to all things Christmas.

Christmas to me is instantly summed up as:

  • Good Christmas films, including my personal favourite - The Holiday.
  • Good food (and lots of it!)
  • Michael Buble (yes!!!)
  • Most importantly - family time

I have a huge family, so the Christmas season is always the perfect excuse for us all to get together! With not long to go, the Christmas tree is up and dressed in all its bauble glory and my Christmas jumper is officially out of hibernation. 

Hope you enjoy this post. It's short and sweet, but I wanted to share a little glimpse of what Christmas is like in the Style and the Sagittarius household.

Happy Christmas to all my readers - wishing you a happy and healthy year ahead for 2016!