I'm all about a good healthy glow when it comes to make up. I feel it just makes your skin look dewy and sun kissed, not to mention healthy. Although I already have quite a few highlighters in my make up collection, when Huda Beauty released her 3D highlight palette, it wasn't a matter of wanting it, I needed it! 

There are three editions to the palette - golden sands, pink sands and bronze sands. Personally, on my skin tone, I prefer a golden or bronze glow, so I went for the golden sands edition, however I would also love the bronze palette too. I don't think this palette particularly depends on the shade of your skin and how tanned or untanned you are, but it works more on the undertone of your skin. 

The four shades in the golden palette are Fiji, Seychelles, Tahiti and Zanzibar - what cute names! What I love about this palette is that it isn't just four different highlighters, but each colour has a particular purpose.

  • Fiji - is used as a prep colour and can be applied all over the skin for a flawless look
  • Seychelles - is the real golden highlighter, applied in the usual highlight places on the face
  • Tahiti - is used to sculpt and to be applied on the usual darker contour places on the face
  • Zanzibar - is a beautiful peach type blusher, to finish off the look

Although the palette is on the pricier side at £40, I would say it's very much worth it! The finish is flawless and the glow is so fresh. If I want to do a heavier/night look, I always use this palette to create that intense dewy glow across my cheekbone.


I already have quite a few Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks and I would say they are my favourite brand of matte lip shades. I have recently added a new one to my collection, Girlfriend. This shade is quite a peachy nude and I would say I definitely need my full face done in order to wear this shade. I personally like to mix it with the shade Spice Girl, to help create a highlight/ombre look. Again, the colour glides on effortlessly. I prefer to wear it with a lipliner underneath for full coverage, then applying two shades of Girlfriend. It stays on all day much like the other shades. I would say for my skin tone, this colour can be a little tricky to wear, hence having full make up on or mixing the shade with another. Without full make up, the shade Girlfriend has the ability to wash me out a little, which isn't the greatest look. 


I am not as into my eyebrows as I should be, well not compared to how many mini tutorials there are out there on how to achieve the perfect 'coloured in' brow. As long as they are in a good shape and I have filled them in a little, I am happy to go. I came across Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills and thought it would be an easy product to use when it comes to subtly filling my brows in. If I am being honest, I was won over by the dual pencil and brush design - how handy! This product is more about a subtle brow fill in, as oppose to an over the top, heavy brow. I absolutely love it and feel it works really well for what I want. I use the shade dark brown. I also love that when it runs out, you don't need to sharpen it, but just twist. 

All statements and recommendations are purely my own opinion. I have not been paid to feature or advertise any product, brand or service in this post.