Gloves galore

This post is purely on gloves - random I know, but they are definitely a Winter essential. Now I'm a big fan of Winter fashion, especially layering and the typical accessories including scarves, hats, snoods and yes - gloves! Everyone loves a good glove, especially round this time of the year when the weather is turning bitterly cold. Our poor fingers need some protection from that chill.  From knitted ones to the good ol' trusted leather, not to mention a cheeky bit of faux fur and an array of colours - there's no limit when it comes to trendy gloves. I've decided to blog about my three current favourite gloves.

All statements and recommendations are purely my own opinion. I have not been paid to feature or advertise any product, brand or service in this post.

These are my good ol' trusted driving gloves. They are black leather and feature the most gorgeous detail, including mini cut outs and buttons on the wrist area. They're very small fitting and my hands feel super delicate when wearing them. They're perfect to slip on on those cold Winter mornings, when the car steering wheel is freezing! They were bought a few years ago from Primark, for a very reasonable price - maybe £8-£10 if I remember correctly.

These beauties are my most recent glove purchase from H&M at £14.99. Again, they are leather and so soft. I love the colour of them, which is what I was instantly drawn to. I have so many typical black leather gloves, that I wanted to opt for a pair which were a bit different. They're super snuggly inside and keep my hands warm and toasty. They're quite a  statement pair of gloves due to the colour and are striking when teamed with a dark jacket/outfit.

Last, but by no means least are my faux fur specials. Again, they are recently from Primark and I just fell in love with the faux fur trim. Now if you have been following my blog, you will know that I am a massive fan of faux fur. Especially during the Winter time, I feel faux fur is so fitting and glamorous and can easily transform an outfit for the better (obviously). I love that these gloves are toned down and black, but have added 'diva' by the faux fur. Again, they keep my hands snug and glam during those Winter days and nights.