For those of you who have read my previous blog post, you will know that I spent the last week in London at 100% Design. Not only was I in love with the overall vibes of colour and design, I was also in love with the constant passing fashion!!!!! Everywhere I looked, there were gorgeous people dressed in outfits which were so well styled! I know capturing 'street style' has been typically done by many fashion bloggers, but I felt I couldn't let all this fashion simply pass me by and not capture it!!! Plus...I think capturing fashion at an interiors exhibition may not yet have been done before...With lots of different nationalities and ethnicities visiting the show, there were so many cultural fashion trends right before my eyes! I believe there are some people who just know what works for them and how to dress themselves so effortlessly! I've captured some of the best outfits that I came across over the week and shared them below. Enjoy...

Please note that all individuals were happy to have their photo taken and to be featured on the blog.

All statements and recommendations are purely my own opinion. I have not been paid to feature or advertise any product, brand or show in this post.