Now I absolutely love handbags! I have a vast collection of designer handbags - so I know my stuff when it comes to a good quality bag! I love everything about them (except for the hefty price tag of course) from the smell, feel and colour of the leather, to the stitching and overall design (a little obsessed I know!).

However, when it comes to clutch bags - I don't share quite the same handbag passion. I think this stems from the fact that they're not used as much as an everyday handbag and all my clutches always either end up getting accidentally placed in puddles of drink at the bar or worse having drinks spilled over them. So for those two reasons alone, I prefer not to spend vast amounts on clutch bags. However having said that, thanks to the high street, we are able to pick up some stunning clutches for a very little price tag (yippee!).

In this post, I'm going to share my recent clutch purchases from Primark and New Look. 


This clutch bag is from Primark and was a very good price AT £7! It looks almost River Island(ish), with the snakeskin effect contrasting against the coral trim (LOVE!). I like the little handle and the gold clasp feature. It also comes with a handy little inside pocket to keep those night out essentials safe and in one place! I can't believe this clutch is from Primark and for so little. If this was from any other high street shop, it would be at least triple the price (that goes for all the clutches featured!). I think it's definitely worth the money and can be easily paired with an edgy night out outfit. 


Another beauty from Primark at the grand old price of just £10 (AMAZING!). If this was from Accessorize, it would be at least £40 (just thought I'd put that out there). I love all the detailing on this clutch and all the colours together are a good mix. I think sometimes with beaded clutches, they're always so typical with the colour choice - mainly either using black, grey, silver and gold. So that bright pop of blue is stunning and really makes this clutch stand out for all the right reasons! I love the pattern arrangement with the beads and sequins - overall a very pretty design! The clutch also features a handy inside pocket and a silver chained handle.


This handbag is Limited Edition and was purchased in the Primark sale (even better!) for £7. I love that the fringing makes it a little different than a conventional black beaded clutch and also adds a little more fun to any outfit. Again, the sequin/beading pattern is beautiful, whilst remaining understated. There is also tassel detailing on the zip handle, which is another small but gorgeous detail. The sizing and feel of the clutch is a little larger and solid compared to the others. The size along with the long fringing makes the clutch quite a statement with any outfit.


I received this lovely faux fur number as a birthday present. I'd featured a similar one in a previous Wishlist post, so when I got this I was very happy! I love faux fur anyway, so I was instantly in love with this clutch already. The colour choices are great and I love that they're bright and merged together. The clutch also has a long gold chain handle. I love using this clutch if I plan on wearing a tight all black outfit, as the faux fur sits so well. It's easy to use with or without the chain - as both look equally gorgeous!

All statements and recommendations are purely my own opinion. I have not been paid to feature or advertise any product, brand or service in this post.