Body shaming - it's not right and it's not okay! Being honest, I never fully knew body shaming's true definition. It was a term I'd heard loosely mentioned in the media by celebrities speaking out, but I never truly knew the affect it could have on someone.

Body shaming is simply defined as: 'the practice of making critical, potentially humiliating comments about a person's body size or weight' (Your Dictionary). I have always had passing comments from family members over the years, most of which I've ignored as I know it's never meant to cause offence as it's 'coming from a good place'. Growing up, I've always been the very petite one in the family - from my height to small frame (which may be evident in the various blog pictures). Born at 5 and a bit pounds - I think everyone should have known from then, I was going to grow up to be a petite little lady!

I know body shaming and weight has been covered by many bloggers, but I wanted to say my peace. The purpose of this post is being body shamed by a stranger and just how much of a negative affect it can have on someone. I was recently body shamed in a professional work environment. It was completely unprovoked and I had no existing friendly rapport with this particular person. By him suggesting that I 'looked like I needed something to eat' was not only upsetting, but also very embarrassing as it was said infront of other people.

Although many people, including I, have their own body hangs ups, I think I am fairly confident(ish) about my body size and stature. Yes I would love to be taller and yes, I would love to put some weight on - but the truth is, I'm okay with these things and they don't bother me too much on a day-to-day basis, unless someone is to negatively highlight these in public. 

I'm in proportion, I don't look overly skinny and most importantly I am happy with my petite figure - it's all I know. To hear such a derogatory comment from a stranger, really got me thinking about my body and how it was perceived by others. I think some people have difficulty deciphering between what is classed as 'skinny' and what is classed as a 'small frame'. Perhaps my small frame (a UK size 6) along with being a short girl (5 foot) gets perceived as being 'underweight', which isn't right and not okay! People need to open up their minds that some people are genetically petite (guilty), have fast metabolisms (guilty again) and can be small framed (yes - guilty once more). This doesn't mean one isn't eating (trust me, I can eat) or is severely underweight. There are women of different body sizes, weight, height and stature. Some including Ariana Grande, Kylie Minogue, Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Kendal Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Brook, Mila Kunis, the Olsen twins - the list goes on... My point is, they're all gorgeous in their own different ways - regardless of weight or height.

if you are happy with your body, then do not take on board anyone's body shaming comments. I believe these individuals (whether it said in person or from behind a computer screen) are uneducated and have no morals. Lets celebrate and embrace our different body shapes and sizes and support one another. I know this blog post is heading towards a borderline feminist article (woops), but I feel strongly about it since it has recently happened to me, first hand. 

The comment said towards me will probably (unfortunately) stick with me for a little while, however I know I am happy with my body. Like mentioned, we all have our own body hang ups which are a work in progress - I always have my beloved high heels to temporarily give me a few extra inches in height and building muscle in the gym can help to add some weight.

Ladies, be proud of your figure!

Please note, some of these images are from online, therefore the quality isn't the greatest.