There's hundreds of hair styling appliances on the market, all claiming to offer 'frizz free/voluminous/shiny etc' hair. Now as I've recently had my hair cut short again, I thought I'd try out the Babyliss Pro Titanium Expression Pro Large Hot Brush (that was quite a mouthful) - purely for the ease and quickness Vs a traditional blow dry just to see the results!

The website states:

"The Titanium Expression Pro Large Hot Brush is a quick and easy to use finishing tool to create a long lasting smooth finish with lots of shine but without flattening the hair like traditional straighteners - used to smooth, direct, lift and add dramatic volume to all hair textures and lengths.

The large 50mm premium titanium barrel gives superior smoothness and is perfect for creating dramatic volume, smoothness, shape and shine to your client’s hair. The super ionic conditioners deliver exceptional frizz-control for flawless results with incredible shine. The Advanced Ceramics™ gives ultra-fast heat up and maintains constant high heat during use, whilst the firm bristles give total styling control through all hair types". 

So lets see how we go...

The packaging is pretty much a Babyliss standard set up. A big visual box which includes a set of instructions and a heat mat/carry pouch (which I always find useful if you're travelling and for storage etc). 

It's worth noting that the cord on the styler is a handy 3m long, meaning I can sit anywhere to do my hair. I've had some non-Babyliss hair appliances in the past where the cord has been quite short, which isn't really ideal. 

The styler has five digital temperature settings and heats up pretty quick. It has a switch activation control which essentially auto 'locks' the temperature after five seconds of being switched on, which supposedly 'gives consistent results and ease of use whilst styling'. You are able to change the temperature setting by pressing down the button for 1-2 seconds. Once the styler is turned on, there is a slight dull buzzing noise coming from the hot brush, which is the ionic generator releasing ions (according to the instruction manual, it's normal).

The Babyliss Pro Titanium Expression Pro Large Hot Brush is pretty straight forward to use. It is essentially a large hot brush. I started off by firstly drying my hair with a hairdryer, then brushing it and sectioning it (like I would do with a normal blow dry). I used the Babyliss Pro Titanium Expression Pro Large Hot Brush right from the root brushing down (in an upwards motion) and using my other hand to curl the hair under the brush. The bristles themselves are not that hot to touch.

I'd say it took me pretty much the same amount of time as a blow dry, that's including the entire process of drying it with a hairdryer beforehand. I have short hair, so I'd imagine it would obviously take longer with longer hair.

Once finished, my hair did feel softer (due to the ions), it  looked a little more 'styled' (no more than usual) and still lacked volume. However, my hair is naturally very fine and silky, so any form of volume doesn't tend to last long! I also wouldn't be able to tell if the styler eliminates frizz, as my hair type is fine and silky.

I'd say the Babyliss Pro Titanium Expression Pro Large Hot Brush does the job and cuts out the added chore of handling a hairdryer and barrel brush simultaneously. However, I would say it's a little on the pricey side for what is essentially a large hot brush, which doesn't rotate or dry your hair. If you want to achieve the look at a much cheaper price, simply use a hair dryer, a large barrel brush and a good quality volume hair product/moose - which I feel would achieve a better bouncy, blow dry look. Although having said that, the styler is a good tool if your hair quickly needs doing and you haven't got time to wash it. 

Overall, I would give it a 6/10.


  • Easy to use
  • Five temperature settings
  • Can use on dry hair
  • 3m cord


  • Doesn't dry hair (which would save time)
  • Expensive for what it is
  • Hair doesn't look any more voluminous (although that may be dependent on hair type)
  • Hair doesn't look that 'overly' styled, like you've just stepped out of the hairdressers.

All statements and recommendations are purely my own opinion. I have not been paid to feature or advertise any product, brand or service in this post.