I wanted to visit Amsterdam since watching the film 'Fault in Our Stars' - which I (sadly) loved! Parts of the film were shot in Amsterdam and the city looked so cool! So, lo and behold, I booked up for a long weekend to see what Amsterdam had to offer!

Once I'd touched down in Amsterdam, I initially noticed how effortlessly fashionable the locals were! Next was the architecture of the original buildings. Now I'm no architect 'know it all', but the design of the canal houses, quirky buildings and bridges were pretty cool! I loved how each building was different and had its own unique quirky character. Amsterdam already had my seal of approval from the fashion and architecture alone. Below is a mini guide on a few things I visited whilst in Amsterdam:


Visiting the Anne Frank house was quite a bittersweet experience. It was interesting to see how Anne Frank and her family lived in such a confined space during such an awful time. You are free to walk around and read extracts and notes which are scattered around. No photographs are allowed inside, hence none included in this post. The queue to enter was quite long, stretching around the museum, however it was definitely worth it!


The hotel in which I stayed (NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky) was situated overlooking the Dam Square. The square is busy with the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam locals, tourists and bicycles! Full of numerous bars and restaurants, it's definitely one of the many places to be in Amsterdam. Dam Square is around 5 minutes from the Amsterdam Centraal Train station which is ideal. I believe there is a also a Madame Tussauds located at Dam Square, which sadly I did not visit (there's always next time!).


From the outside, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam is simply stunning. With its perfect architect and symmetry, the palace is huge! Inside, the interior is 5* - 100% luxury. It is very much the focus of the Dam Square and a beautiful building in its own right - both inside and out.


Although I knew prostitution was legal in Holland, it still took me some time to fathom the fact it was so open and 'out' there! It doesn't take much wandering around to suddenly find yourself in the heart of the Red Light District (Amsterdam itself is quite small). From the shockingly half naked women parading around behind glass fronts to the hundreds of tourists all gawping with open mouths - walking around the Red Light District is quite a surreal sight and a must do when in Amsterdam!


A canal tour is a good way to take in the city, learn some history and appreciate some traditional Amsterdam architecture eye candy. The tour is fairly cheap for 1 hour and you sail right round the city. On the canal tour I went on, they pointed out key parts of the city where the film 'Fault in Our Stars' was filmed. There are many canal tour operators, so try and scope out the best price for you!


It was interesting to visit the Museum of Prostitution, which was ironically situated in the heart of the Red Light District. It was sad to see the world of prostitution from the girls' point of view. It was quite an eye opener, highlighting how the women felt about their ' everyday job' and what drove them to work in the Red Light District. Definitely one to visit when in Amsterdam!

All statements and recommendations are purely my own opinion. I have not been paid to feature or advertise any product, brand or service in this post.